Why Study Nahuatl?

  • Access pre-Colombian Literature

    The greatest body of indigenous literature in the Americas was written in Nahuatl at the time of the Conquest by the people who built the mighty pyramids of Tenochtitlan. This course can help you access Mesoamerican ideas in their original language!

  • Connect to Modern Speakers of Nahuatl

    Modern dialects of Nahuatl are spoken by 1.5 million people in Central and Southern Mexico. This course in Classical Nahuatl can lay the groundwork for you to communicate with them in their mother tongue.

  • Rediscover Your Roots

    For Mexicans, Mexican Americans, Chicanos - the study of Nahuatl is the study of our ancestors, their customs, their wisdom. Take your first step in the true decolonization of your soul.

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Cost and Payment Options

While the course has a set cost of $65, that gives you access throughout 2019.

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Connect to Mexico's indigenous past, present, and future. Learn the language of a mighty civilization, and broaden your horizons! Xiquitlazō in nāhuatlahtōlli. Study Nahuatl.

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